Why Westchester?

A leading global agricultural asset manager, Westchester provides a complete range of agricultural real estate investment and management services. We help maximize farmland returns and ensure that land is kept in the best condition to maintain asset values for our investors.

  • Unmatched property selection: We invest only in high quality, well-managed agricultural assets that have long-term potential.
  • Local market knowledge: Our local managers on the ground, provide assistance and region-specific knowledge.
  • Global diversity: We invest in a variety of markets, economies, currencies and governments, which reduces the impact of changes in a single area.
  • Crop diversification: Our approach involves leveraging a mix of row crops and permanent crops, taking full advantage of all growing seasons, weather and global demand for specific agricultural products.
  • Strategic marketing alliances: We partner with major food and agribusiness corporations around the globe to maximize value for our investors.