Our Approach

A leading global agricultural asset manager, Westchester provides a complete range of agricultural investment and management services. We help maximize farmland returns and ensure that land is kept in the best condition to maintain asset values for our investors.


  • Westchester is committed to sustainable practices in farming: maintaining soil quality, crop rotation, land management, and preserving water.

Effective Farm Management

  • Our agricultural assets are professionally managed by experienced staff who assist farmers, transferring their expertise and providing help with:
    • achieving highest sustainable crop yields
    • flexible leasing arrangements: custom farming/direct farming/cash leases/cash flex leases
  • Westchester land assets are kept in the best condition, to maximize property values and ensure that our investment remains a high-value one.

We consider:

  • crop diversification
  • soil quality
  • farm access
  • infrastructure (irrigation, drainage, roads, etc.)
  • climate issues

High Quality Farms

  • Westchester invests in high quality properties in primary production regions, based on many factors, including soil quality, location and productivity.
  • This focus on high quality farms reduces volatility and maximizes rents, which is good news for our investors
  • We’re selective about our investments: We acquire less than 4 percent of the properties we consider for investment.

Long-term Relationships

  • Westchester believes that farmland is a stable and competitive asset class over the long term
  • We strive for longstanding relationships with farmers
  • Our farm managers have longevity of experience and a deep history in farming