Martin Davies

Martin joined Westchester in 2014 as Executive Vice President and CEO of Westchester Group of Europe Ltd. Based in Cambridge, Martin is responsible for managing Westchester’s European investment platform as well as building the farmland investment business in Europe. Martin’s 25 years of agricultural experience have included practical farming and investment. He was Head of Farming Operations for the UK’s largest farming business before working on agricultural investment projects in Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and Ukraine for private investors. Prior to joining Westchester he lead the deployment of institutional investors capital into farmland in New Zealand, Australia, Romania, Poland and Chile for a London-based asset management subsidiary of Bank of New York Mellon. Martin has a Degree in Agriculture and Farm Management from Reading University and is a qualified Agronomist. He is a member of the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers and Institute of Agricultural Management. As a steering group member, he helps guide Agribenchmark, a global cash crop benchmarking initiative. Martin was a 2006 Nuffield Scholar and is a Director of the Oxford Farming Conference.